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About Camo Girl

Ella and Z have been friends forever, but Z's always been the "weird kid" in their class. This was okay back in 3rd or 4th grade, but by now their other friends have ditched them both. Z doesn't care, but Ella longs to be part of a group where people won't make fun of her.

When a new boy, Bailey, moves to town, he befriends Ella because they're the only two black kids in the 6th grade. Bailey's popular--popular enough to make Ella cool and give her a wider circle of friends--but only if she stops hanging out with Z. Ella faces a difficult decision: remain loyal to the boy who has been her best and only friend forever...or embrace the opportunity to become one of the popular kids as she longs to be. 

But Ella's loyalty to Z--and the secrets they share--runs deep below the surface. Is friendship with Bailey a true solution to her struggle, or just a flash in the pan? Ella's decision will affect not just her but everyone around her. Can she make the right choice?

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The Rock and the River

About The Rock and the River:
1968, Chicago. Thirteen-year-old Sam Childs finds himself caught between his father (a well-known civil rights leader) and his older brother, Stick, who joins the Black Panther Party. When escalating racial tensions throw Sam's community into turmoil, he faces a difficult decision. Will Sam choose to follow his father, or his brother? His mind, or his heart? The rock, or the river?
  • Winner of the 2010 Coretta Scott King-John Steptoe Award by the American Library Association 
  • 2010 NAACP Image Awards nominee, for "Outstanding Literary Work for Youth/Teens"
  • 2010 ALA/YALSA Best Books for Young Adults
  • 2010 ALA Notable Books for Children
  • A 2009 Junior Library Guild Selection
  • 2009 Booklist Top Ten Historical Fiction for Teens
  • 2009 Booklist Top Ten Debut Novels

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Kekla contributes to three social studies book series: Essential Viewpoints, Essential Lives and Essential Events, published by ABDO. Titles include:

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In addition to books, Kekla writes articles, short stories and essays for youth and adults. Here is one article that is available online:

"Taking Flight," by Kekla Magoon (INTHEFRAY.com)

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